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  Smoky Mountain Jack Tales of Winter and Old Christmas
is the title of Lew’s book, featuring nine Christmas and twelve all-season stories.  Based on traditional folk and fairy tales, these are performance-oriented for reading aloud at home or in public, memorized for oral interpretation, or re-told in your own words.  Primarily for older youth and grownups, these varied tales are for readers and tellers who already know Jack and those about to make
a new friend.  All the stories are about Jack—sometimes the trickster, sometimes aided by good fortune, but all fun.  They are Smoky Mountain Jack Tales.

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The Folklore Tradition of Jack Tales, article about Jack Tales in Appalachian culture, from University of Illinois
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The Appalachian Journey, film preview in which you hear Ray Hicks
16 Jack Tales and Folk tales to read
"Jack and the Bean Tree" bibliography
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"Jack and the Hainted House" and other hainted stories.
"Wonder Tales in Appalachia" short article



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